ARI analyticsTM Fleet Management Tool

Easily drill into mountains of fleet data in real-time.

See exactly where your dollars are being spent to make better business decisions or explore alternative practices.

ARI analyticsTM

ARI analyticsTM is an innovative analytics tool powered by revolutionary in-memory technology. Remarkably fast, it delivers the most powerful fleet analytics available in the world today. Combined with ARI’s business intelligence tools, our clients are empowered to act on discoveries instantly and forecast their fleet vehicle needs and costs with accuracy as they respond to changing business conditions.

Actionable Reports
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A 360-degree real-time view

Reports that once took more than 24 hours to run now can be completed in just three or four seconds. Fleet managers can see what’s working, where the opportunities are, and what may no longer be needed – resulting in new levels of efficiency and cost savings. It can also be tailored to provide information across an organization – from the CEO to a technician working in your garage, ARI analytics® can help you run your fleet with better efficiency.

Predictive Analysis
At Work

Our belief is that predictive analysis can provide customers with a new level of budget certainty: mining data to produce precise figures for what it costs to operate a fleet across different sets of variables and the ability to predict what changes to any of the variables would mean.

ARI’s customer contact centers are already using real-time information to increase and improve the speed and efficiency of our customer service. It is also being used to perform cost analysis and benchmarking in a matter of seconds – enabling ARI to help its customers reduce their costs and gain greater fleet efficiencies.

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ARI analytics™

“ARI analytics” is a breakthrough front-end analytics and reporting tool that delivers new levels of speed, visibility and efficiency.