ARI Wins Innovation in SMR Award

ARI’s Vehicle-Downtime-View (VDV) has been recognised at the 2017 Fleet World Honours, with the award for Innovation in Service, Maintenance and Repair (SMR).

Announcing the award, Fleet World editors noted that “by marrying telemetry and geofencing, Vehicle-Downtime-View allows businesses to understand where all their vehicles are even if they are hundreds of miles away, speeding up servicing, avoiding disagreement on cost and time taken for repairs, and scheduling SMR when it suits the fleet.”

In response to the award, Jason Chamberlain, director of sales and marketing for ARI in the UK, commented: “Customers are continually seeking new and innovative ways to gain an holistic view of their fleet. In an age where information is needed quickly, accurately and on demand, it’s more important than ever for customers to have the tools to take their raw data and turn it into actionable, predictive insight. We’re therefore delighted that ARI’s VDV system has been recognised by Fleet World Honours for the critical service it provides to fleet operators.”