Three reasons to invest in our FlexBack

When you want to achieve more in business, it’s important to take an outside look at what you could change in order to keep moving forward. By leveraging your assets, you can achieve much more than you are currently seeing come in, and with our help, we can give you:

Flexibility– FlexBack will allow you to operate your vehicles as and when you need them, without mileage charges of no end of life damage.

Cash flow boost– By investing in the FlexBack, you’ll create liquidity from your fleet, giving you a well-deserved financial boost.

Support– Above all else, you’ll benefit from our experience, knowledge and support every step of the way.

So, how do we do it?

We keep things simple so you can still focus on running a business, and with three easy steps, we’ll be able to achieve the above in no time.

Step 1- Firstly we’ll look at value and evaluate your fleet and figure out how much equity you hold.

Step 2- Then we’ll look at the analysis and purchase your vehicles for a fair, agreed price.

Step 3- Lastly, you’ll get to benefit from flexibility and keep your derivers in their vehicles.