Sales And Leaseback

Learn more about sales and leaseback

Do you want to save money where you can when running a fleet of vehicles? Perhaps the whole process is overwhelming and overcomplicated? Or maybe you need some liquidity to invest in other areas of your business.

At ARI Fleet UK Ltd we’re here to support you in achieving your objectives and taking the stresses and pressure away from a fleet of vehicles. We also specialise in helping you think about your fleet strategically and maximsing your assets return on investment.

With our help, you can benefit from:

Transparency– you can run the vehicle for as long as you need it, agree on a residual value and know exactly where your investment is placed and the premium you’re paying.

Flexibility– perfect for those that no longer need a vehicle; we can help you sell or reallocate it with 100% of the profits going back to you.

Control– Control every line item of expenditure, whether it be on accident management or maintenance services. With all your fleet details in one place – our management information system- ARI insights you can make decisions that matter to your bottom line.

Online portal– need anything? Maybe a new vehicle? Then your drivers can access the portal with a full audit and sign off.

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