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ARI is closely monitoring the impact that Brexit is having on fleets like yours. We are communicating with our suppliers regularly and will update this page as new information becomes available.

ARI's Position

Insight From ARI Experts on the Impact of Brexit on Fleets

We’re heading into a new tomorrow, as Brexit will impact many of the ways we approach life and business. But change is nothing out of the ordinary, and at ARI we are committed to maintaining the course through whatever comes next.

You might be wondering: What does Brexit mean for my fleet? We’ve been focused on fleet in the UK for over 30 years, and that isn’t changing any time soon. As a Holman Enterprises business we have tapped our global resources to study the potential impact of Brexit, including the legislative, licencing and manufacturer possibilities that you need to know about. We’ll continue updating this page with more news as it comes along, so check back here with any questions you may have along the way.

Customer communications:

11th March, 2020 – ARI Introduces Fleet Focus 2020: A Study of Brexit in Our Industry

15th March, 2019 – Brexit Update for UK Fleets

Industry Updates

Latest News on the Impact of Brexit

ARI and our business partners are closely monitoring the impact that Brexit is having on our industry. We are engaging with industry suppliers on a regular basis, including manufacturers and national suppliers, to identify any possible service disruptions.

  • Audi
    • Vehicle orders up to and including 17:30 on 31st December 2020 will be price-protected, subject to the relevant criteria and conditions below being fulfilled.
  • Tesla
    • Orders placed up to 31 Dec. 2020 will be price protected for deliver post-1 Jan. 2021. Deliveries must take place ASAP to avoid price book reviews
    • The company does not anticipate supply chain for parts to be impacted as service is owned and operated by Tesla
    • They do not anticipate any vehicle supply chain interruptions
  • JLR
    • Jaguar Land Rover confirmed that it is not in a position to guarantee pricing for vehicles that are registered after 31st December 2020.
    • All vehicles (regardless of build location) may be subject to a price increase when registered from 1st January 2021.
  • BMW-Mini
    • Ordered must be confirmed before the 1st Jan 2021 and registered before the 30th April 2021.  Customer details must not change.
  • Toyota & Lexus
    • Confirm that price protection will apply on orders placed with delivery dates into January and beyond.
  • Honda
    • advised that Honda has confirmed that ‘when a customer orders a Honda car, the price is protected and it doesn’t matter if the car is in the country. We always price protect at point of order’.”
    • As Honda is not based primarily in the UK or EU and imports lots of its models from Japan and the US, the company already pays the usual 10% World Trade Organization tariffs.
  • Ford
    • All Passenger and Commercial vehicles which are contracted (only when confirmed by a Ford dealer) and not yet UK customs cleared at the point the new pricelists including the Importation Charge are issued, will be price protected against a tariff-related surcharge.
    • Any Importation Charge would be credited back to the dealer, provided that the vehicle was not re-contracted.
    • Includes vehicles which are pre-gate release and those in transit outside the UK.
    • To qualify for price protection, vehicles must be registered up to and including 31st March 2021.
  • Renault
    • Groupe Renault UK has been preparing for many months for all Brexit eventualities. Renault have confirmed that their contingency work has been ongoing for several months and is centred on ensuring that they are ready in the following key areas, regardless of whether they become necessary on 31st December 2020:
      • additional customs agents to manage the import of cars and parts.
      • streamlined customs accreditations to facilitate in-flow of our goods at the UK border
      • changes to processes & I.T. systems to enable the import of cars and parts
      • additional local parts stock to cover any additional lead time due to potential port congestion
      • maintain timely & accurate payment of goods and services
  • Mercedes / SMART
    • Guarantee prices of all Mercedes-Benz and smart cars ordered before 31st October 2020, that have a quoted UK delivery date, prior to 31st December 2020, regardless of its arrival date into the UK.
    • Should a customs duty tariff become applicable on cars imported into the UK after leaving the EU Customs Union and Single Market, Mercedes would look to increase the price of their cars accordingly, to offset the amount of the tariff (unless covered by the stated price protection). The increase would be applicable to all vehicles and factory fitted options, whether marked sold or unsold and regardless of the order, allocation date or sales channel. This would potentially vary model by model.
  • Volkswagen
    • VW is closely monitoring developments surrounding the UK’s transitional period, which ends on 31 December 2020. As part of their preparations, they have established an understanding of all Brexit eventualities and we are confident of our readiness. Actions include but are not limited to:
      • obtained an EORI number;
      • optimised stock availability to mitigate the risk of supply constraints;
      • appointed customs agents allowing us to import cars and parts into the UK in line with HMRC regulations;
      • implemented and tested required systems changes.

ARI’s suppliers are prepared with 6-8 weeks of stock across the UK. Should there be any delays in the supply chain, ARI does not anticipate any major impacts or delays.

  • Information about the supply chain’s impact continues to come through.
  • ARI’s core supply chain network are prepared with around 6-8 weeks of impress stock available throughout the UK. At this time, ARI does not anticipate any major impacts on delays through risk assessments conducted with the supplier base.
  • The supply chain have suggested that import tariffs could increase prices on consumables, and parts by around 5-15%
  • Manufacturers have prepared their core UK locations with impress stock.

Legislation & Resources

Changes in legislation and where to find more information.

ARI is monitoring legislative developments related to Brexit and will be posting updates here as they become available. In addition, we have provided some additional resources that will provide further insight to the impact of Brexit.

Information on what you need to do if travelling with a non-GB Licence is available through the UK Government website. More information and guidance can be found at

Driving in the EU post Brexit

  • You need to carry your UK driving licence with you
  • You do not need an international driving permit to visit and drive in the EU, Switzerland, Iceland or Liechtenstein.
  • You may need an IDP to drive in some EU countries and Norway if you have a paper licence or your licence was issued in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Mann (this does not apply in Ireland where these licences will be sufficient)
  • You must carry a physical copy of your green card as proof of insurance.
  • You must display the GB sticker on the rear of your vehicle unless the number plate includes a GB symbol. (this is not a requirement in Ireland).

Driving Permits

Your drivers will need to apply for International Driving Permits (IDPs) to drive in the EU as of 1 Jan. 2021.

  • Drivers should still carry their UK driving licences when crossing EU borders.
  • IDPs can be purchased through the Post Office for £5.50
  • UK drivers do not need an IDP to drive in Ireland


Insurance and Registration

Drivers are required to carry their auto insurance green card when driving in any EU territory, including Ireland as of 1 Jan. 2021.

  • Fleet insurance requires a green card for each vehicle in the fleet
  • Each trailer or towing vehicle requires its own green card

Vehicles and trailers, when driven through some EU territories, will require specified documentation. This includes:

  • Vehicles: either the original V5C document or a valid VE103 vehicle on hire form
  • Trailers: UK trailer registration certificate*
*You must register commercial trailers over 750kg and all trailers over 3,500kg before you can drive through some countries in Europe.

As of the 31st December 2020, residents in Ireland that hold a UK / NI driving licence will not be able to drive as it will be deemed invalid.

It is crucial that you have a valid driving licence and you can apply for one simply by visiting HERE and applying online.