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Dan Durrans, CIS, ARI UK

“I work in IT; I’m a geek. I like technology. I align with a movement called Public Candid Street Photography. When I’m out on the street with my camera, it is a way for me to experience a different aspect of my creativity; it’s very spontaneous. If something’s unfolding really quickly, you get sort of in the zone or in the moment. Sometimes your heart might start racing because you’ve got that buzz, that adrenaline coming in and you hear the click of the shutter in this very pleasing way. It’s those little things that make it very relaxing and rewarding, but also in a secondary way you do get to look at those photos afterwards. You see what works and what doesn’t, and sometimes the ones that you think would’ve worked have not, and the ones that you thought wouldn’t make anything special, you think yes, that composition is working.”

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