Taking care of our world

Our commitment to making the communities around us better places to live and work.

It’s our obligation and privilege to give back to the community not just at the corporate level, but at the employee level, too.

Making communities stronger together

For more than 70 years, our employees have focussed globally in supporting our communities resulting in more than £1 million raised annually. From support with painting a local community centre to holding a rock concert we support our employees to make a difference to their communities and causes that are close their hearts.

Some of the organisations we actively support in the UK include: Wiltshire Air Ambulance, Dorothy House, Doorway Homeless Charity, and Macmillan.

Working together to help more people

In 2015 we joined  forces with our Masterserve network to create the Masterserve foundation. With the sole focus of delivering donations for charities related to Social Aid and development and Healthcare.

With 1% every job undertaken by the network getting donated to the foundation, coupled with ARI’s financial support the charitable organisations that have touched the hearts of our network and employees have seen £210,000+ and it continues to grow.

Supporting individual efforts

We empower our people to help their communities by funding those causes to which they are personally connected. Every employee is eligible to request a single financial donation from the company annually that will directly benefit their chosen charity.

Taking care of our own

Unforeseen events can create sudden, urgent difficulty. The Holman Employee Lifeline Program (H.E.L.P.) is an emergency crisis fund that helps employees who are victims of natural or civic disasters, or who are impacted by an unforeseen and sudden hardship.

Protecting our planet

Our business is intricately connected to jobs, economies and the natural environment. To drive efficiency and reduce waste, we’ve invested in LED lighting with motion sensors, recycling, electric vehicle charging stations, and water bottle filling stations. This commitment has seen us receive the ISO 14001:2015 standard for environmental management.

Giving the community a hand-up

At ARI, giving back and supporting the communities that support our success is one of our core values. Take a look into the work that the United Way does in our communities.

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