Construction Fleets

You put the building blocks in place to support your customers

Is your fleet ready to deliver or is it missing the foundations?

The foundations are key

With such a wide spectrum of vehicle types under management from cars to HGV’s and ancillaries how do you ensure you have the right vehicle for the job? At ARI, we have the expertise to support your complex fleet make up and with clients in construction and merchants we understand your industry and what your customers expect from you.

Harnessing the power of data to complete the job.

You have a lot of data to manage. From telematics and license requirements to fuel data, we have the technology and expertise required to help you tackle your challenges and maximise your return on investment.

There’s a better way

Control your key cost drivers using:

  • Asset management solutions from acquisition through remarketing
  • Cost-reduction strategies to combat external economic fluctuations
  • Telematics solutions to track vehicle data and support driver safety initiatives
  • Maintenance guidelines that take into account the conditions where your vehicles operate

The Bottom Line

Your fleet is a critical part of your business, and you need a fleet partner you can count on to help you deliver. Let's build something great together.

I'm ready to elevate my fleet