Retail - Delivery Fleets

In an industry that has diverse requirements, you fleet needs to deliver to ensure the success of your business.

ARI’s fleet management programmes can support all aspects of fleet management, keeping your vehicles on the road and delivering goods to your customers as efficiently as possible.

You deliver it...

Your fleet is dependent on your vehicles being ready to at any time. With downtime comes a huge cost to your business and your customers. We understand this which is why we put availability and you, at the heart of everything we do.

...We’ll make sure it’s on time.

With our dedicated teams including compliance, downtime and authorisations our experts will ensure you can deliver – time after time. And our systems will give you the information to maximise your return on investment.

There’s a better way

Build a strategy for fleet improvement using:

  • Acquisition and remarketing planning, including replacement cycling
  • Cost-reduction strategies to align with your budget
  • Telematics solutions to collect actionable data and support driver safety initiatives
  • Fuel cost and idling time analysis

The Bottom Line

Your vehicles are an essential tool in bringing goods to your customers. Let's talk about delivering excellence to your fleet.

I'm ready to elevate my fleet