Social Housing Fleets

A 360 degree housing support network deserves a 360 degree fleet partner.

Delivering together, maximising your return.

Designed for success

ARI partners with leaders in social housing across the UK. From driver management to supporting vans and car fleets, ARI helps deliver an efficient, managed and transparent fleet operation throughout the vehicles entire lifecycle.

Analytics that deliver

You have a lot of data to manage. From keeping track of drivers jobs, watching road conditions, and ultimately communicating with stakeholders. We have the technology and expertise required to help you tackle your challenges through analytics.

There’s a better way

Deliver on your fleet objectives using:

  • Reviewing vehicle specs for opportunities to right size your fleet
  • Tracking fleet spend and reviewing data for cost savings opportunities
  • Fuel consumption monitoring and idling reduction strategies
  • Predict and prevent approach to maintenance instead of break and fix
  • Driver safety programs including telematics solutions

The Bottom Line

Your fleet is critical to driving revenue for your company. Let's drive positive change together.

I'm ready to elevate my fleet