Utility Fleets

Your world revolves around keeping the rest of the world going.

Minimising fleet downtime means maximising service delivery to your customers.

It’s a revenue generating asset

For energy and utility companies, a van or truck is never “just” that. ARI’s experts are skilled in supporting your complex needs. From a standard vehicle with racking to ancillary equipment with bespoke requirements and everything in between, we combine the right expertise with the right solution.

Critical support for emergency response

When the power goes out, can your fleet partner help light the way? When disaster strikes and your fleet leaps into action, ARI is on stand-by. We staff our control centre around the clock to support your drivers around the clock.

There’s a better way

Illuminate ways to maximise your fleet’s potential using:

  • Cost-reduction strategies to align with your budgetary objectives
  • Telematics solutions to collect critical vehicle analytics and support driver safety initiatives
  • Maintenance strategies to minimise downtime especially in inclement conditions
  • Aggregation of industry-specific data that leverages ARI’s leadership in the utility sector

The Bottom Line

Your customers count on you for the basic comforts. You need a fleet partner you can count on to help you deliver.

I'm ready to elevate my fleet