ARI’s Masterserve Foundation Creates a Community Partnership with UK Garages

“Together we do good for the community” is one of the core values for ARI and Holman Enterprises that employees are encouraged to practice in and outside of the office. We’re not alone in that belief; many of the garages who service our fleets across the United Kingdom echo that sentiment and are always striving to provide for their communities.

The Masterserve Foundation was created about four years ago out of the need and desire to do more for local charities. ARI was approached by members of our network of independent garages, made up of about 450 garages across England, Wales and Scotland. The garages wanted to raise money for charities in their areas, but were not raising as much as they had hoped, and wanted to utilise ARI’s resources to expand their goals.

So we then worked together to form The Masterserve Foundation, a unique program that uses systems that were already in place in our working relationship to raise over £225,000 to date for charities across the United Kingdom.

The Masterserve Foundation works through our invoicing system, Intellipay. A percentage of each invoice is added to the foundation ‘pot’ and reviewed every quarter. We then add to the donations and ask our garages, customers and employees to nominate local charities close to their heart. Our Masterserve Foundation committee, which is made up of ARI employees and garage owners then study these applications to decide the best fit for the time and budget. From there those selected are provided with a cheque and asked to personally present it to their chosen charity.

The Masterserve Foundation focuses on social aid, development and health care. Many of the garage owners or garage employees have personal, emotional connections to these charities, having utilised them in their own lives or that of their friends or family.

In the past, garages may have relied on donation boxes or social media donations, but now they can access funds from an average of £15,000 a quarter, giving much greater immediate help to small charities close to their hearts.

ARI and the Masterserve network have travelled all over the country, and our team always looks forward to that next trip with cheque in hand. We are thrilled to be able to grow the relationship with our garages across the country and will continue to look for growth opportunities to help more people, more often.

Click here to learn more about The Masterserve Foundation and to find out how you can join our garage network.