Data Silos: Knock Down the Barriers

As global fleet specialists, ARI sees how telematics technology has evolved the industry in a short time. We study billions of data points each year, with the goal of creating safer and stronger vehicles for our customers. For example with telematics alone, a fleet of 300 vehicles will generate an average of 15 million telematics data points in a single year. For many, that number generates more questions than solutions: Where is that data going? How do you maximise its potential?

ARI gives our customers the clarity to understand their data and grow from it, and the data your vehicles and drivers are producing at this moment should work for you across a wide spectrum of your fleet objectives, including:


Safety and Risk

Driving data can identify risk and safety concerns in your fleet, allowing you to create valuable and targeted training resources and support those drivers who need the support there and then.


Downtime and Maintenance

Coupling telematics & SMR data means you can read your vehicles’ engine management systems, keeping your fleet moving for longer than ever before. Driving data builds a more stable preventive maintenance schedule for your fleet, leading to less unplanned downtime and higher productivity of your drivers.


Replacement Strategy

Trend and todays data will position you to win when replacing assets. It enables you to determine a better schedule for vehicle replacements, or find benefits through alternative leasing methods. The goal is to properly plan work around what the data is telling you to help reduce downtime and control costs.


Trends to Pursue

We live in a world that relies on data for change. Your access to products and knowledge is made better by studying multiple data sets across dozens of industries, and the world of fleet is no different.

Collecting and analysing data across your industry allows us to make your business more efficient by understanding what great looks like. By tapping into the wider connected infrastructure of vehicles inside of a specific industry, our team of professionals have the opportunity to deliver this information tailored to your objectives.


Moving Forward

Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) have been using this mindset for years, with additional compliance and the sheer costs of downtime it has meant that to drive efficiencies they must tap into the connected world and use embedded connectivity to give them the desires availability.

All other fleet is already moving in this direction but we see the pace increasing and it will be the standard when we look at fleet management for tomorrow.

ARI is perfectly placed to read data and apply those results in new and original ways. With data on our side, we look forward to the days when fleets are more streamlined, functional, and customised.


Your data is actionable and valuable information. Are you using it to better your fleet for tomorrow? Find out more about our data integration systems here, or download our free whitepaper on Big Data and its uses.