Identify Your Fleets Return on Investment Opportunities

A fleet of vehicles can be one of the most expensive purchases your business makes, but your fleet can also be one of the greatest revenue drivers. Your vehicles put in the work needed to keep your company running; they make it possible to service your customers and are often a necessary asset for a variety of industries. Understanding the worth of your fleet and the value your vehicles bring to the business is vital, as is finding ways to reduce costs.

Do you have the right people in your corner identifying your fleet return on investment?

ARI offers a dedicated resource committed to finding your fleet worth. We work with customers to find what elements of their fleet are costing them, identifying the elements that are adding profit into the business, and then working forward to develop a more financially stable path for the future.


What are we doing?

Fleet management is what we do. ARI services customers across dozens of professions and industries, including energy and utility, logistics, railroad, and telecommunications. We have offices across the United Kingdom as well as in the United States, Canada, Germany, and Mexico.

We use that experience to provide global opportunities to our customers. We can tap into a world of networks, studying fleet and vehicle trends, remarketing opportunities, fleet industry news, and emerging technologies and applying that to individual companies and their fleets.

Twenty percent of our annual investments are focused on technology alone. That includes a focus on state-of-the-art memory and data systems, research and development for fleet hardware, and a dedicated focus on hiring the best and brightest team members to make sense of it all.

These investments have led to products like our award-winning ARI insights®, a unique platform that allows the customer to have control over every aspect of their fleet. Insights allows us to use your data to identify fleet costs with precision accuracy, then work to correct those costs and save money.


Where are you going?

With these values in mind, you also have to ask yourself when to cut your costs to keep your fleet from becoming a drain on profit.  ARI has resources available to help you understand your costs, so making those big decisions is more manageable.

We have access to online calculators that help you figure out the expenses in a fleet, and quizzes designed to give you a perspective on your costs alongside other fleets of your size. With those tools you can take the first steps toward cost savings. That could include new training measures to extend the life of a vehicle, a more manageable preventative maintenance schedule, or even a redesigned replacement cycle for your fleet.

You can browse our selection of whitepapers, which reference real data taken from our customers to show solutions based on everything from telematics and supply chain to downtime and driver productivity. Our past experience is a valuable resource to your current fleet, serving as an example that we can work around.

There is value in every aspect of your fleet. Your drivers, vehicles, and the data both of those elements create can lead to a return on investment that transforms your entire business

ARI aims to connect with fleets all over the world. Click here to meet a few of our happy customers.