Managing your business challenges

Fleet is a essential tool to conducting business for many companies and should be managed as a strategic asset.

You need a team with unmatched fleet management expertise that will build lasting value for your organisation.

With ARI’s support, you can transform your fleet into a reliable, cost effective operation that aligns with, and supports, the business objectives of your entire organisation.

Lifecycle optimisation

ARI can help you optimise the entire vehicle lifecycle, so you know the right time to acquire, drive, maintain and dispose of your vehicles.

Business intelligence & analytics consulting

Go beyond the basic fleet measurements and reports. You can have the deep strategic insight, resources, technology and data expertise of ARI’s team at the ready to help you control operating costs and drive meaningful business improvements.

Account management

Give your internal resources the tools to optimise your fleet operation while reducing your internal administration. ARI’s talented fleet professionals are ready to join your extended team.

Change management

You’ve uncovered opportunities to deliver immediate and long-term value. ARI will be your advocate, to help you present a case for change, then communicate the changes needed to facilitate a smooth transition for your organisation and field operations.

The wider business implications of fleet.

Chris Conroy, President & COO, Holman Enterprises, and fellow Holman fleet executive Mark Bryan shed light on lessons learned in fleet that you can apply across your business, from optimising operations to enhancing revenue streams.

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