Optimise your fleet lifecycle, optimise your business

ARI will help you resolve a wide variety of challenges that impact your fleet vehicle lifecycle.

Your company has complex fleet requirements that are compounded by changing needs in your business and the economic environment.

We can help lessen the impact of these factors outside your control and bring ideas stemming from what’s worked for other customers.

It’s a challenge to plan and prepare for long-term growth, innovation and relevancy while meeting current business demands…but it’s also the key to making strategic advances.

Optimising start to finish, then back again

It begins with crafting an effective replacement strategy and building the ideal vehicle specifications that retain as much value as possible when it’s time for you to remarket them. Throughout the vehicle’s life, optimisation focuses on controlling the total cost of ownership by analysing data and acting on fluctuations in operating costs.

Cradle-to-grave expertise

By selecting standardised specifications that meet job-specific needs and follow a replacement schedule that removes vehicles from service before their operating costs exceed their value, will reduce your vehicle depreciation. You will find expertise at ARI to attain this perfect balance and the help you put best practices in place from acquisition through to disposal.

A strategic roadmap

Effective fleet management requires more than annual planning based on year-end budgets and deadlines. It takes careful and knowledgeable coordination to be able to manage vehicle costs throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle. ARI offers web-based tools and consulting that help you set up life cycle scheduling that aligns your fleet needs with your financial strategy.

Turning data into an advantage

When you partner with ARI, you can collect every piece of data generated by every vehicle throughout its life cycle. Using ARI’s real-time reporting and analytics tools, you can drill down into any or all of your fleet activities to expose the vehicles with the greatest costs, risks and time drains that affect your fleet’s overall performance.

Optimise and innovate to drive value

You can be ready for the future while keeping your focus on today. There are keys to incorporating new strategies and technologies that still let you maximise current opportunities.

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