Maximise driver potential, maximise results

Managing driver behaviour is key to lowering your total cost of ownership and making a positive impact on your bottom line.

You can deliver tangible value by improving driver safety, lowering costs, or minimising risk exposure.

ARI’s comprehensive driver management programmes, can help you manage all drivers’ risk levels, including new hires, existing drivers, high-risk drivers and grey fleet. Also, be sure to download a sample driver policy. 


ARI’s Riskmaster programme helps you avoid collisions before they occur by combining training, fine management, risk assessments, online training, and policy reviews.

Licence checking

Ensure that the employees driving your vehicles know how to operate them safely by checking their licence and assessing their risk when they are behind the wheel.

Using data to identify risk

Technology creates one big picture that allows fleet professionals to manage outliers and address possible risks before they develop into big problems.

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