Take a holistic approach to fleet technology

Your fleet generates millions of lines of data. Without a proper strategy, most of it goes unused.

You need powerful software and expertise to handle the volume of data your fleet produces.

Using our intuitive tools, you can leverage your data to reduce cost, streamline processes and provide a clear view of what is happening and how you can shape your fleet for the future.

Centralised Information Access

You will get instant access to real-time information about your fleet through our award-winning platform, ARI insights®. Using the system’s intuitive dashboard, key performance indicators and alerts, you can easily track cost, identify cost-saving opportunities, and evaluate and improve productivity.

Master your maintenance

You don’t have to be an expert in maintenance processes and jargon. Our core vehicle maintenance system is running in the background to control expenses in three specific fleet maintenance areas: compliance, downtime and cost control.

Big data? Big deal.

Steve Haindl, EVP, Technology & Innovation, Holman Enterprises and Tony Candeloro, SVP, Technology and Operations, Holman Strategic Ventures shed light on how effective data management and targeted data strategies help businesses predict outcomes, prevent issues and maximise profits.

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