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The role of telematics is accelerating, and the landscape is complex. Fortunately, we have a simple solution for you.

Tracking vehicle and driver activity in real time gives you visibility into your fleet operation to deliver better decision making.

Operational & cost management

With telematics data integration, you can see the location of every vehicle, how they are performing and the accumulated downtime. When you combine this with fuel card and driver behaviour data, you can pinpoint the events that are driving spend and affecting company performance.

Driver safety

Which of your drivers are the safe ones and which ones are risky? Telematics can show you high-risk driving behaviours like harsh braking or aggressive acceleration. When you combine this data with a comprehensive safety program, you can improve driver behaviour and reduce your risk exposure.

Technology and bottom line impact

Gernot Leinenbach, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer for Holman Enterprises, and Chris Hurren, EVP & CFO for Holman Enterprises, talk about the unprecedented and rapid development of new technologies. Which ones represent the best potential for your business, and when is the right time to acquire them?

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