Driver Risk Management

Our Riskmaster programme will help you ensure the safety of your drivers, the public and your corporate reputation.

Delivering driver risk solutions that fit your organisation, help build a safety culture and turn your drivers into the best ambassadors for your business.

Whether you are looking to improve driver safety, lower costs, or minimise risk exposure, ARI’s comprehensive driver safety and training service, Riskmaster, can help. Our solution helps you manage all drivers' risk levels, including new hires, existing drivers, high-risk drivers and grey fleet.


Our Riskmaster programme is focused on providing you with visibility of your risk profile as a business, allowing you to fully understand the risk and training requirements of each individual driver in order to appropriately mitigate that risk going forward by improving their skills and habits. It helps your business to change its culture by demonstrating to individuals that they have a clear responsibility for their actions when driving any motor vehicle, in particular whilst on company business.

Permit to Drive

We invite all approved drivers to apply online for a permit to drive. All applicants are licence-checked and then risk-assessed in accordance with agreed parameters and compliance requirements. Areas such as incidents, driving offences and frequency will be continuously measured, with points recorded as a dynamic risk score. The score is measured against an agreed risk threshold; a defined number of points that, if exceeded, generates a requirement for training specific to the driver. The system will note and score responses; and inform you and your stakeholders if non-compliance occurs.

Training and Reporting

Our bespoke driver training ensures that your drivers are constantly developed, while our risk team provides reporting and interpretation to guide your business.

Our Risk Team will provide you with the maximum amount of information possible, giving you strategic guidance about your current risk profile and ways in which to manage and reduce your risk going forward.

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