End-to-end vehicle management

Fleet is a tool essential to conducting business for many organisations, and should be managed as a strategic asset.

Whether you need help acquiring, maintaining, managing, or disposing of your vehicles, ARI’s programmes can help you reduce your total cost of ownership.

With ARI’s support, you can transform your fleet into a reliable, cost-effective operation that aligns with, and supports, the business objectives of your entire organisation.

Total cost of ownership

Do you know what is driving your fleet costs? You can create cost certainty and drive cost reduction using ARI’s technologies, including data integration and real-time reporting that work across the entire life-cycle of a vehicle.

Flexible acquisition options

Your savings and productivity gains can come from the initial vehicle selection, up-fit requirement and your desired funding method. Everything we do is designed to get you the right vehicles for the job at the lowest cost per mile, and then giving you complete cost control in-life and providing you with the best return on investment at the end of its life.

Vendor network

When you partner with ARI you are also partnering with a best-in-class vendor network which includes national suppliers, mechanical workshops, bodyshops and more. ARI controls every penny of spend so you can be sure that you receive the best service at the best price.

Funding options that fit

Your own business and fleet data are the best ways to help you choose which fleet funding option is the best fit for your company’s financial outlook, whether leasing, purchasing or financing. ARI uses that data, combined with economic and consumer-based research, to get results that work for you.

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