Supporting your drive to zero emissions

Your fleet objectives are unique. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, which is why we developed EV Consult to support your drive for change.

From staff retention and attraction to reducing your carbon footprint – having a strategy that works for you is critical.

Using our buy, drive, service, sell model, our experts will support you in the creation and delivery of an EV strategy that meets your needs today and your targets of the future.


Market and funding review

How can you begin creating a strategy if you don’t know what vehicles are available and the best way to acquire them? With ARI, our ‘buy’ step ensures you are fully informed and can you can develop your choice list with confidence.


Detailed job need, infrastructure and driver buy-in analysis

You have your vehicle choice list, but how does this translate to your own business? Through further analysis of job roles, travelling habits, accessibility to charging network and more, ARI will help you identify those vehicles that meet your needs and support your drive for change. Having a sound policy is a key part of an EV strategy. Download a sample policy.


In-life management and mobility solution identification

With no combustion engine and significantly less moving parts, EV’s could be considered a more straightforward vehicle to fix. But what is the reality? With ARI, we have the experience and expertise to help you navigate through the entire lifecycle. With mobility solutions that control costs and maximise uptime, you can continue serving your customers, while we support you 24/7.


Management information & portfolio management review.

How does your strategy evolve in-line with vehicle and technology enhancements?  We will work with you to identify management information needs and key indicators for vehicle change, allowing you to adapt your strategy as both your business and the market dictates.

Buy, Drive, Service, Sell

This model is built on transparency and flexibility, meaning you can move as the market does and use the power of data to make informed decisions that support your strategy and business objectives.



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