The end of mileage and damage charges

Leasing a vehicle without any mileage or end-of-life charges is a huge advantage to your business.

Placing a vehicle on fleet is a huge expense to your business. Don’t add to those costs with charges for mileage or damages at the end of the vehicle’s life. 


Run the vehicle for as long as you need it, agree the residual value and know exactly where your investment is placed and the premium you’re paying.


Don’t need the vehicle any longer? No problem – re-allocate or sell, and 100% of the profits from a sale go back to you, with no early termination fees.

Control every element of spend

The team at ARI will support you throughout the entire useable life of the vehicle, including maintenance services, accident management and more, with every element of data being fed into our management information system, ARI insights ®.

On-line portal

Need a new vehicle? No problem – your drivers can access the approved vehicles within their grade with full audit and sign off provided.

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