Maintenance that minimises downtime

Do you have an ally in the battle against operating expenses? If not, it could cost you.

Maintenance is much more than managing transactions. Are you taking a holistic, data-driven approach to manage prevention and repairs?

ARI puts the industry’s best talent and technology in your corner. With highly skilled technicians, a national garage network and 24/7/365 support, we’ll always keep your vehicles moving.

Power of prevention

Are you operating in the traditional “break and fix” model of fleet maintenance? Switching to a proactive “predict and prevent” approach can help you control costs and minimise downtime. We can help with that shift, and when vehicles do require significant repairs, ARI will analyse the case to advise on repairs or replacements. We’ll also help identify trends in component failures to help navigate potential failures across similar vehicles.

Your own maintenance team

Manage your repairs with the help of your ARI maintenance support team, who cover everything including preventive maintenance and inspection planning by vehicle, complete cost control, and delivering value through operational efficiencies.

Technical resource centres deliver savings

Your drivers are always on the go, so your fleet needs 24/7/365 support. ARI’s qualified and experienced maintenance technicians are always available to scrutinise repairs, review pricing, and keep your vehicles and drivers safe and compliant..

Safety is paramount

When a vehicle experiences a failure that renders it inoperable, your drivers can count on ARI’s technicians to help in their time of need. In the event of a breakdown, flat tyre, or any other incident, we will confirm the driver is safe and have a route onwards – the simple fact is we won’t turn a driver down.

ARI’s Masterserve network

Our independent network, Masterserve, provides complete nationwide coverage and is geared towards reducing your vehicle downtime and costs through a range of unique features and benefits. This includes free vehicle collection and delivery, fixed price servicing, a guaranteed fixed labour rate. Our control centre works in partnership with the Masterserve network to provide a strict authorisations process in-line with your unique parameters, ensuring complete transparency and making it easier to strategically reduce spend across your fleet.

Ready to tune up your maintenance solution?

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